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Regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday April 10th, 2018
Trustees: Marilyn Spangler, Geri Twardowski, Bev Power, Ruth Newcomer, Dean McMillion, Susie Murphy, Director -Jeff Munson , Bookkeeper Amy Runkel
Guest: Erica Sprenger from the Meadows.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.
Public comments- none
Treasurer's report- Motion made by Susie Murphy, Geri Twardowski 2nd the motion. Motion approved as presented.
Secretary's report - Minutes will be presented at February meeting.
Director's report - A Motion was made by Ruth Newcomer, Dean McMillion 2nd the Motion. Motion approved as presented.
Guest: Erica Sprenger, from the Franklin Grove Living and Rehab Facility
Erica is the Administrator of the Franklin Grove Living and Rehab facility. She presented a discussion of using the Library as a temporary shelter for residents if there would be an emergency or disaster. Illinois Department of Public Health requires a disaster shelter. The suggestion is to use a facility as an emergency interim space for a few hours until residents are transported to an overnight facility. The Meadows, Brethren church, and Franklin Grove Fire department are also considered interim facilities. Marilyn suggested they look into the School system such as the past middle school that is still used for sporting events or the elementary school.
*The Trustees went into Closed Session at 6:45 p.m
Return to regular session at 7:00 p.m.
A motion was presented for the following policy; a second to the motion was presented. A vote was taken and the motion was approved as follows:
The Winifred Knox Library will be accepted as use of the facility as an emergency interim space for a few hours with the maximum amount of hours under 24 hours for the Franklin Grove Living and Rehabilitation Center until the residents can be transported to an overnight facility. The FGL&RC facility will be responsible for all liabilities of residence and their equipment while in transport to and from the library as well as while in attendance at the Winifred Knox Memorial Library. This policy of the use of the library as an interim emergency facility for the Franklin Grove Living and Rehab Center will be revisited on an annual basis for another approval by the Winifred Knox Memorial Library board of Trustees along with the Director.
Old business
a. Per capita items- Jeff and Bev reviewed a designated movie. Trustees are to please read over and familiarize the first five chapters plus chapter 12 that are in the packet. The per capita Grant is on a three-year cycle. The Trustees review the policies and Jeff submits.
b. Other- insurance on Trustees? Jeff will check with the village.
Amy has completed another set of classes and will soon be starting her spring semester. She has been reimbursed as stated and approved in previous minutes.
New business
a. Ordinance to adopt sexual harassment policy - The State library's attorney has written a policy. Patty so moved to accept the policy, Dean second the motion. The Mayor and village clerk are to sign the policy. Jeff must have this submitted by January 15.
b. Other- Harvest fest committee will be approaching the library to have an ad in the program as they have in previous years. They would also like to request the library supply the paper for the program as they have also previously done in years past. The Director has the discretion to approve these request without board approval.
9. Miscellaneous items - Patty said thank you for the card when she was in the hospital.
2018 upcoming programs : Teen Night, Movie Night, Craft Day, Lee County Home Extension. With a possible lunch and a movie in the future.
Meeting Adjournment at 7:25 p.m.
Next meeting is Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday January 24, 2018
The Policy Committee consisting of the Director-Jeff Munson, Susie Murphy, Patti Forrester, and Geri Twardowski. The policy manual was reviewed and changes were proposed, which will be presented to the Trustees at the next meeting to be held on February 13th.

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