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Regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


1. Call to order: Those in attendance - Ruth Newcomer, Bev Power, Jeff Munson - Director, Susie Murphy, Geri Twardowski, Patti Forester, Marilyn Spangler, Amy Runkle-book keeper. Absent Trustee - Dean McMillion
Resignation letter from Dean McMillion- Dean is no longer available to serve as a board Trustee. The time, knowledge, and service that Dean has given to the library is greatly appreciated, he will be missed.
2. Public comments- none
3. Chris Abramowitz, 42 Tech Solutions: Proposed Technology Upgrades.
Fantastic community resource - Opportunities to provide to the community: Proposal with the following:
A. Virtual Reality - Headset and controllers for adult machines.
B. 8 Computers- hardware life last about 5 - 7 years generally. Proposal to replace the 8 machines we have for the patrons, with the capability to provide virtual reality on the machines. The proposal includes replacing Jeff's machine with a desktop computer that can be useful for many years.
C. Replace Server - the current one is 8 years old.
D. Cellphone charger - Charging Station with multiple types of connection cords or wireless chargers available to the patrons. Have this available with a type of cupboard or stand that hides the cords but the connecting ends available to the patrons.
E. Networking equipment - connects all the servers, etc. The current equipment has been here as long as the building and is out of warranty. A new warranty comes with 3 -5 year warranties. No need to rewire, as the wires are currently very good condition.
F. 2 New back up drives.
Susie Murphy presented a motion to accept as presented, and 2nd by Geri Twardowski. Motion approved as presented with clarification for the purchase of 2 headsets and motion controllers for two adult machines.
Patti Forrestor presented a motion to donate 3 computers after data erased to the Oregon public library. Motion 2nd by Marilyn Spangler. Motion approved. Donation of the remaining 5 computers will be looked into by Jeff and board members. Estimate $30,944.07
G. Future Technology options for the library needs: Phone system -Voice over ip system for the main phone line. (Nextiva, Netaphone).
4. Treasurer's report - A new interest bearing Special Trust checking account was opened and the money was deposited. Susie Murphy presented a motion to accept as presented, Marilyn Spangler 2nd the motion. Motion approved.
5. Secretary's report- Ruth presented a motion to approve as presented. Geri Twardowski second. Motion approved.
6. Director's report- Marilyn Spangler presented the motion to accept. Ruth Newcomer 2nd. Motion approved as presented.
7. Old business - Middle School bid - do we want to pursue a bid for the property? At this time we are not interested.
Water bill - 2001 an intergovernmental agreement between the village board and the library: revised in 2005 - need to contact Mary Fisher for old minutes.
8. New business
a. Mowing bids - Two bids were presented for the summer 2019 season. Bev Power presented a motion and Susie Murphy 2nd to accept the bid from Jeff of All Trades for the 2019 season.
b. Out of District fees - currently $56.14. New rate $56.00 as of April 1, 2019.
c. Serving up Lunch Summer Program - utilize the library as a pick up location for kids to pick up sack lunches M, W, F during the summer months. Board approved.
10. Adjournment
Next meeting is Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

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